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The 2019 Games was officially held at our school. This is my first time to participate in the competition. Before that, I had already signed up for the Games. The project I reported was a 50-meter run. This is indeed a challenge for my first-grade primary school student who is not very athletic.

On the day of the competition, there were many students sitting around the playground and cheering for the athletes in their class. I was very nervous inside, after all, this was my first time to participate in the competition. I sat with uneasiness and watched the athletes running on the playground.

Finally arrived at me, my legs are a little trembling, maybe too nervous. When the teacher saw it, he comforted me and said, “Nothing, we believe in you.” I had to bite my head.

I stood on the starting line and didn’t dare to move, lest there was an accident. “砰” a shot, I was a little slow, slower than the other athletes to start a second. I feel that they are all running in front of me, getting farther and farther away from me. I even want to give up the thoughts.

“Come on!” The students tried to shout for me, and my heart was finally less nervous. I took up my courage and sprinted again. Running and running, I surpassed one person! Another person! I tried my best to move forward…

The results came out, I am not the last, I am the third last. This is great. The teacher comforted me like this, although I know that this achievement is not very good. But I feel this kind of sportsmanship: a spirit full of passion and vitality.

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