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longlive friendship

I have a neighbor. He is both a good friend of mine and a good classmate of mine. He is called Ma Xun. His family lives next to my house.

Every day, we study together at school and then go home after school. We always talked about some important things on our way home. Once, he told me that he was ill. I am very worried and ask him what is the disease. He said that he had a cold.

After returning home, I quickly asked my mother: “Mom, Ma Xun, he has a cold, what should I do?”

Mother replied: “It doesn’t matter, a cold is just a minor illness, and it will be good.”

I am still worried, thinking that I must give him warmth. So, I took out the piggy bank that I hadn’t opened for a long time. There were a lot of coins and banknotes. I took a five-dollar, went out to the flower shop, and bought a red flower. I think that Ma Xun smells the scent of flowers and will definitely get better soon.

Then, I rushed to the door of Ma Xun’s house and knocked on his door. The door opened, it was Ma Xun.

Ma Xun asked me: “Do you have anything?”

I suddenly extended the safflower hidden behind me to Ma Xun and said: “Ma Xun, this is for you, I hope you can get sick soon.”

Ma Xun took the flower and smelled it: “It’s so sweet! Thank you.”


A few days later, Ma Xun’s illness was as good as being sick. In this way, I can chat with Ma Xun and go to school together. Ma Xun, I hope our friendship can always exist.

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