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Mon I love you

I am a first-year student and I have a good mother. There is a song that sings like this: “There are only mothers in the world, and mothers with mothers are like treasures.” Yes, my mother is the best mother.

My mother has a beautiful face, a very beautiful hair, a slim body, and she looks very beautiful. I sometimes call her “Queen of the Queen.”

Every morning, she will wake me up on time and get up early to cook for me. Mother has to buy food, wash clothes, do housework every day except cooking, and she still has work. She can’t rest almost every day except for the weekend.

My mother’s best dish is sweet and sour pork ribs. Every time she made this dish, I especially loved it. On weekends, I always go to the amusement park with my mother. My favorite is the carousel. I sat with my mother and the Trojan turned and it was fun. Yes, there is a bumper car. My mother’s bumper car is amazing. I always hit her in the corner and couldn’t move.

Mom is very gentle to me, she never beats me and she only speaks verbally. However, I sometimes make her angry, but only if I apologize to my mother, my mother will not be angry.

I love my mother, she is the best mother in the world. I really hope that my mother can always do this to me, and I can always love my mother. Mom, I want to say to you: I love you!

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