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Happy class

With the sound of the class, the students in the classroom couldn’t wait to gather in the playground. Everyone wants to take a break from the ten minutes of this class.

Look! On the football field, a group of students are playing football. How happy they are. On the runway, several classmates were running in the race. How fast they ran, like a string of arrows, ran out and went far.

Some students did not leave the classroom. They were watching the book carefully and writing homework. Look at them, how diligent. Some students are playing in the classroom, and the teacher told us that it is very dangerous.

Guess what am I doing? I am of course jumping rope. My favorite sport is skipping. The skipping rope is done by three people. My two good friends are the ropes, and I am skipping in the middle. Look, this rope is so fast, I am almost over to jump.

what! I was mixed with the rope. I can only jump dozens of times at most. But this is already very powerful. The rest of our class can’t even jump ten times.

I am so happy, if there is always a class, it will be fine. During the class, we can have fun so much, so I want to play more. But the happy time is always very fast, and I will be in class soon. I really hope that the next class will come soon, let us play together during the class.

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