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Happy class

With the sound of the class, the students in the classroom couldn’t wait to gather in the playground. Everyone wants to take a break from the ten minutes of this class.

Look! On the football field, a group of students are playing football. How happy they are. On the runway, several classmates were running in the race. How fast they ran, like a string of arrows, ran out and went far.

Some students did not leave the classroom. They were watching the book carefully and writing homework. Look at them, how diligent. Some students are playing in the classroom, and the teacher told us that it is very dangerous.

Guess what am I doing? I am of course jumping rope. My favorite sport is skipping. The skipping rope is done by three people. My two good friends are the ropes, and I am skipping in the middle. Look, this rope is so fast, I am almost over to jump.

what! I was mixed with the rope. I can only jump dozens of times at most. But this is already very powerful. The rest of our class can’t even jump ten times.

I am so happy, if there is always a class, it will be fine. During the class, we can have fun so much, so I want to play more. But the happy time is always very fast, and I will be in class soon. I really hope that the next class will come soon, let us play together during the class.

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Mon I love you

I am a first-year student and I have a good mother. There is a song that sings like this: “There are only mothers in the world, and mothers with mothers are like treasures.” Yes, my mother is the best mother.

My mother has a beautiful face, a very beautiful hair, a slim body, and she looks very beautiful. I sometimes call her “Queen of the Queen.”

Every morning, she will wake me up on time and get up early to cook for me. Mother has to buy food, wash clothes, do housework every day except cooking, and she still has work. She can’t rest almost every day except for the weekend.

My mother’s best dish is sweet and sour pork ribs. Every time she made this dish, I especially loved it. On weekends, I always go to the amusement park with my mother. My favorite is the carousel. I sat with my mother and the Trojan turned and it was fun. Yes, there is a bumper car. My mother’s bumper car is amazing. I always hit her in the corner and couldn’t move.

Mom is very gentle to me, she never beats me and she only speaks verbally. However, I sometimes make her angry, but only if I apologize to my mother, my mother will not be angry.

I love my mother, she is the best mother in the world. I really hope that my mother can always do this to me, and I can always love my mother. Mom, I want to say to you: I love you!

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longlive friendship

I have a neighbor. He is both a good friend of mine and a good classmate of mine. He is called Ma Xun. His family lives next to my house.

Every day, we study together at school and then go home after school. We always talked about some important things on our way home. Once, he told me that he was ill. I am very worried and ask him what is the disease. He said that he had a cold.

After returning home, I quickly asked my mother: “Mom, Ma Xun, he has a cold, what should I do?”

Mother replied: “It doesn’t matter, a cold is just a minor illness, and it will be good.”

I am still worried, thinking that I must give him warmth. So, I took out the piggy bank that I hadn’t opened for a long time. There were a lot of coins and banknotes. I took a five-dollar, went out to the flower shop, and bought a red flower. I think that Ma Xun smells the scent of flowers and will definitely get better soon.

Then, I rushed to the door of Ma Xun’s house and knocked on his door. The door opened, it was Ma Xun.

Ma Xun asked me: “Do you have anything?”

I suddenly extended the safflower hidden behind me to Ma Xun and said: “Ma Xun, this is for you, I hope you can get sick soon.”

Ma Xun took the flower and smelled it: “It’s so sweet! Thank you.”


A few days later, Ma Xun’s illness was as good as being sick. In this way, I can chat with Ma Xun and go to school together. Ma Xun, I hope our friendship can always exist.

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Study started school

It is now at the end of August and is about to start school. During the summer vacation this year, I gained a lot of happiness and also gained a lot of friends. But time flies quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it is necessary to start school.

In fact, I really want to play more. During the summer vacation, I went to the amusement park, went to the forest park, and went to the scenic spot. But after school, I need to go to school from Monday to Friday, and I have to write homework, not so much time to play.

However, I want to go to school again. I want to play with other classmates at school. We have a lot of people, we can play together with the eagle to catch chickens, skip ropes, and run. In the summer vacation, I am playing alone. There are no other small children to play with me. I feel a little bored.

I also want to learn a little more at school. My favorite is the language. Every time I take a language class, I will listen to the teacher and take notes. I have a small book with the composition I wrote myself. I like to write in writing, I think any place in life can be recorded in the book. The teacher said, I am the best person in the class, I have the talent for writing.

In the face of school, I feel a little nervous. However, more is a hope for the future. I hope that I can achieve better results in the next semester, I hope I can feel better in the next semester, I hope that I can live more exciting in the next semester!

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The 2019 Games was officially held at our school. This is my first time to participate in the competition. Before that, I had already signed up for the Games. The project I reported was a 50-meter run. This is indeed a challenge for my first-grade primary school student who is not very athletic.

On the day of the competition, there were many students sitting around the playground and cheering for the athletes in their class. I was very nervous inside, after all, this was my first time to participate in the competition. I sat with uneasiness and watched the athletes running on the playground.

Finally arrived at me, my legs are a little trembling, maybe too nervous. When the teacher saw it, he comforted me and said, “Nothing, we believe in you.” I had to bite my head.

I stood on the starting line and didn’t dare to move, lest there was an accident. “砰” a shot, I was a little slow, slower than the other athletes to start a second. I feel that they are all running in front of me, getting farther and farther away from me. I even want to give up the thoughts.

“Come on!” The students tried to shout for me, and my heart was finally less nervous. I took up my courage and sprinted again. Running and running, I surpassed one person! Another person! I tried my best to move forward…

The results came out, I am not the last, I am the third last. This is great. The teacher comforted me like this, although I know that this achievement is not very good. But I feel this kind of sportsmanship: a spirit full of passion and vitality.

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An interesting language lesson

My favorite subject is the language. I have a language class every day. Our language teacher is Teacher Wang. She is very gentle to us and never yells.

Once, the teacher asked us to go home with the same fruit to the school and do an activity. I took an apple from the refrigerator and took it to school. Some of the other students brought pears, some with bananas, some with grapes, some with peaches… I thought they were brought with them, but not. The teacher told us: “A lot of things will have different effects from different angles.” She brought a carambola and showed us from different directions. Viewed from the front, the carambola is oval, and from the side, the carambola is a pentagram. It turns out that everyone understands what the teacher wants to say.

I also took out the apple with the surface, the surface is red, and the cut is white. The surface of the banana is yellow and white after peeling. Many fruits have different colors.

After that, the teacher said not to waste these fruits. So we all ate all the fruit we brought. In addition to my own apple, I also ate other fruits. The best thing to eat is bananas, which are soft and sweet in the mouth, so delicious.

This language class is really fun, I like language most!

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Park trip

Today, I went to the park with my mother. The park is called the Mangrove Park, which has many green facilities, trees, and sea-walking roads.

My mother and I came in the afternoon. At that time, there were a lot of people, and they were quite dry. The mangrove park is near the sea and there are many stones on the shore. Because we went in the afternoon, the sea began to rise. The sea surged into the shore and slammed on the piles of stones on the shore.

There are many people looking for cockroaches in the cracks of the stones, as if they are looking for something. I am very curious. At first glance, those people are catching crabs. The kind of crab is very small, worn and worn in the cracks of the stone. If it’s not a quick eye, it’s really not something that can be caught.

Walking all the way, I feel that I have never been able to go. The sea stack road is too long, but there are many people, and everyone basically gathers in this place. I stood on the plank road and watched from a distance. I saw a cruise ship on the sea, and there were a few black spots behind the cruise ship. Maybe it was a seagull.

We walked away and came to the green trail, and the bright grass was popping up from time to time. Not only that, but there are also many big trees, and there are some green fruits on the trees. I picked one by hand and the fruit was hard to touch, but I didn’t dare to eat it.

Then I went home with my mother. This trip is really very fun. I have met many things that I have never seen before. It is really an eye-opener!

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One summer vacation, my mother and I went to the grandmother’s house in the country to play, in fact, to visit the grandmother. It was my first time to visit my grandmother’s house. My grandmother’s family was mysterious, at least I felt so.

Grandma’s family has many small animals, including chickens, ducks, geese, and fierce big dogs. Every time the big yellow dog saw me, he would be loud to me. I was scared to cry at the time. Mom and grandmother comforted me. This matter has left a huge shadow for me.

Not only that, but I also did a more stupid thing at the time, which was to peel the eggs. I was very curious about eggs, thinking about how eggs hatch chicks? Later, I decided to explore this secret, I wanted to peel the eggs and witness the birth of the chicken. I carefully took out the eggs from the chicken coop and forced a few more cracks in the egg shell. I peeled the shell along the crack and peeled the egg shell in a few moments. But what was shown to me was a sticky, unclear object. Is this a chicken? I am puzzled inside. At this moment, the hen came back. When he saw me and the eggshell in my hand, he rushed over and licked my hand. I cried and went to find my mother.

Later, I realized that the chickens can only be stocked if they have broken their own shells. I do that, not only will not help the chicken, but also harm it. I feel embarrassed, but I understand the truth: things are never as simple as what you look at.

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In fact, one thing in my heart is particularly embarrassing. I always wanted to get rid of this embarrassment, but I still have this kind of sorry attitude.

My neighbor Ma Xun, I believe you should know. Once I was playing at his house. He was particularly pleased to come up with a small toy. He said that the toy was bought by his mother. I was very curious, I looked at it. Unexpectedly, this is the toy that I am thinking of. In fact, I have long wanted to buy it, but the money has not been enough. Seeing that I like it so much, Ma Xun will borrow the toy for a few days. I am happy and I will be sure to return it intact after three days.

However, I was negligent and accidentally hit the toy on the corner of the table. The toy was broken up by me, and I was particularly scared. How to do? How to make a difference to Ma Xun? I was very scared in my heart and decided to tell Ma Xun about it. However, Ma Xun did not blame me. He just said that it doesn’t matter, just buy it again next time. But I always wanted to say sorry to him, but I never dared to speak.

After that, I do housework at home, and my mother will reward me with pocket money. I picked it up at the corner. Finally I saved 5 yuan, I hold the paper money and bought a identical toy. I will give this toy to Ma Xun. I finally said “I’m sorry” to him, and he forgave me. We are still the original good friend who has nothing to say.

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Helping others

One day, I was on my way to school. The sun was shining and the air was fresh. I was very happy to walk, but suddenly saw a familiar back in front. I quickly stepped forward and it turned out to be Ma Xun.

I saw him lying on the ground and said, “Ma Xun, what happened to you?”

Ma Xun’s eyes were red, and he pointed to his leg. It turned out that he had fallen and slammed a little blood on his leg. My heart is very flustered, how can this be good? I asked him if he could go, he said he could not go. I have no other way, so I have to make that move.

An aunt came on the road, I stopped her way and said, “Hello, aunt. Can I use your phone to use it? My friend wrestled.”

The aunt said nothing, hand me the phone. I called my mother by phone, and my mother told the news to Ma Xun’s mother. The two of them came together. Later, Ma Xun did not go to school. He went to the hospital for examination.

But when I finished all this and rushed back to school, the first lesson had already begun. The teacher asked me why, I said this: “Teacher, because Ma Xun wrestled, I was late to help him.”

Originally, I thought I would definitely accept the late punishment, but the teacher listened to me and decided to let me go this time. The teacher said that I was late because I was helping others. This spirit of self-sacrifice is commendable.

I am very happy in my heart. I have helped others and have been praised by teachers. It is the best of both worlds. If this happens next time, I will definitely do the same. Help others and be happy, why not?